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Economic Growth in Africa Differs Greatly Between Nations

by Lucas Eaves, published

Africa as a continent is often viewed in a singular economic lens in global politics. This simplistic view of the second largest continent on earth paints over the diversity of challenges that face each country within Africa's shores. Some countries like Maruitius and Cape Verde are significantly outperforming others like Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Despite civic turmoil in states like Egypt and Tunisia, both managed to secure a place in the top 5 for economic opportunity. Conversely, Zimbabwe and and Somalia trailed the list at 51 and 52 respectively in terms of economic opportunity.

Maruitius scored the highest across all four categories: Economic opportunity, human development, human rights, and law and safety. The small island nation excelled in national security and business management.

At the other end of the spectrum, Somalia came in 52nd overall. Battling severe poverty and a stagnant economy Somalia received zeroes in rule of law, private management, and education.

The variety of challenges that face each country cannot be solved with any one magic bullet. It will take international cooperation and prudent political stewardship to guide each culturally and economically diverse nation to a prosperous future.


Source: Master of Finance

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