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Beyond the Headlines: The Week of July 16, 2013

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published
Dear IVN Readers, It's a shame that our 24/7 mainstream media rarely finds the time for stories of substance.  One station literally participates in a revolution on the other side of the globe, then ignores the real-world devastation their power vacuum has created so they can bring you 25 hours of commentary on a tragic, but straightforward, criminal trial. Another station spends 26 hours telling their viewers why the other station has made the trial a political issue. At IVN, we are on a mission to go "Beyond the Headlines" and bring you original stories from independent journalists that go beyond the half-truths, political posturing, and, shallow debate. And we are proud to bring real news by a wide range of independent contributors. Thank you for being a part of IVN and we hope you enjoy the update for this week. - Shawn and rest of the IVN Team  

 What You Missed

Independent Ohio pushes top-two primary

Independent Ohio Pushes Nonpartisan Top-Two Primary

Independent Ohio, a grassroots organization dedicated to building a movement that supports structural political reforms to open the political process to independents, is pushing a ballot measure in the state that would support a nonpartisan top-two primary system in the state.

More than 70 Percent of Illinois Voters Support Independent Redistricting

After the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats strengthened their hold on political power in Illinois by keeping control of the governorship and maintaining their majorities in the General Assembly. As is becoming more the trend in the United States...

Maine Becomes Second State To Prohibit Warantless Cellphone Tracking

In response to the growing privacy concerns, local law enforcement agencies in Maine are now required to have a warrant to track cell phone activity.  Passed on Tuesday, LD415 reads: "a government entity may not obtain location information without a valid warrant issued by a duly authorized judge or justice."

Studies Suggest Combining Renewables Can Fully Cover Energy Needs by 2030

In January 2012 the San Onofre nuclear power plant, which provided power to 1.4 million homes in Southern California, was closed for repairs after engineers found hundreds of defective cooling tubes. On June 7, Southern California Edison (SCE) voted to permanently close the plant...

Excessive Campaign Disclosure Regulations Could Dissuade Political Participation

California is considering bills aiming to increase transparency in elections. As with any legislation, it is important to examine the possible negative or unintended consequences.

Third Party Registration Continues to Rise in CA under Top-Two Primary System

In 2010, California voters passed Proposition 14, which converted elections for the state legislature to a nonpartisan top two primary system. Under a top two system, the same ballot is distributed to all voters featuring each recognized candidate. The top two vote getters advance to the general election. This allows voters to select their preferred candidate...

Independent Spotlight

Word Spreads over IVP's Initiative to End Taxpayer Funding of Political Parties

In late June, IVP co-chairs Steve Peace and Jeff Marston submitted an initiative to the California Attorney General to end taxpayer funding of partisan activities, including party conventions and elections for party central committee members. Since then, the initiative has generated a notable amount of buzz. You can read more about the initiative and sign the petition here!

Column of the Week

ICON is short for “Independent Conservative.” For many years the term “conservative” has gotten muddled and today differs little from the Republican Party’s orthodoxy of the moment. Operating as an arm of the Republican Party rather than as an independent philosophy has robbed the conservative of his effectiveness as a true adversary against the predations of the modern state.   Recent articles on ICON: Ron Paul Channel Announced for Debut Later This Summer Law Passes Granting Illinois Primary Vote to 17-Year-Olds Ohio Governor John Kasich Signs Controversial Budget Bill Are you a political writer who is more interested in issues than entertainment? Find out how you can join the IVN Network today.

Contributor of the week

Charlotte Dean
One of IVN's newest interns, Charlotte Dean is a lover of music from everywhere on earth, especially Brazil. Registered Libertarian, advocate for safe access for cannabis patients and student of Anthropology and Digital Media (Photo/Video). Interests include strangeness, beauty, mental health, foreign policy, social justice, humanitarian development, and those who fight for the light. The latest from Charlotte: Charter Schools Chase Elusive Formula for Education Reform Missed Opportunities in California Prison Reform Led to Overpopulation Contrasting Reports on Prison Overpopulation Two Halves of Same Story Become an IVN contributor today.


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