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One-Fifth of Americans View Both Political Parties Unfavorably

by Jane Susskind, published

Party favorability droppingOne-fifth of adults (20%) view both political parties unfavorably, with political party favorability down from the post-election hype of November 2012.

While Democrats enjoy a 7 percentage point lead when it comes to favorability ratings, favorability of both the major parties is below their historical averages.

"More broadly speaking, these depressed favorability ratings appear to be a continuation of a longer trend that has seen Americans sour on the two parties." 

With confidence in Congress at an all time low, presidential approval ratings dropping, and party favorability at a historical low, the implications suggest that Americans are losing trust in elected lawmakers.

In response, independent voters are on the rise nationwide, with unaffiliated voters in these 5 states now exceeding party-affiliated voters.

Could an official Independent Party be the solution?

“The reality is, how organizing works, you need some kind of organization to make sure you can put people on the ballot, get people out to vote, have an influence on policy, and provide a place where people can come and share ideas and perspectives. If you don’t have these things, it’s confused and easily ignored in the political process.” - Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk

What do you think?

Find out more about Evan Falchuk's independent campaign exclusively on IVN and share with us what being an independent voter means to you. 


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