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Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter As Favorability Drops

by Jane Susskind, published

It's official. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now on Twitter, tweeting from the Twitter handle @HillaryClinton.

Her Twitter debut comes on the same day a Gallup Poll marks her favorability at the lowest point its been since an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008. Based on a Gallup Poll conducted from June 1-4, 39% of Americans view Hillary Clinton unfavorably. In April, this number was 31 percent.

Hillary Clinton joins Twitter as favorability rating falls to 58%


Her recent congressional testimony about the Benghazi controversy could be partially responsible for this drop in support, with independent voters most notable losing trust in the her leadership ability.

"Although Democratic and Republican attitudes toward Clinton have been static over these past contentious months, independents' views are now notably less favorable. A slim majority (52%) of independents hold a favorable opinion of Clinton, down from 63% in April."

Hillary Clinton has historically been a popular official in the Obama Administration - more popular than Obama and Biden - with high approval ratings among American citizens.

Could Twitter be an attempt to win back the trust of independent voters before a potential 2016 presidential campaign? If so, will it work?

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