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TiEcon 2013: "Fostering Entrepreneurship" in the Silicon Valley

by Jane Susskind, published

TiECon 2013 1

"Fostering Entrepreneurship" is the motto of this year's TiEcon annual conference, which takes place this weekend in the heart of the Silicon Valley. In what's referred to as the World's Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs, TiEcon 2013 connects high powered tech experts with the world's youngest entrepreneurs.

Focusing on Big Data, mobility, and software-defined infrastructure, TiEcon's goal is to "jumpstart and inspire the next generation of budding entrepreneurs," Program Coordinator Terry Koh explained in an interview.

"Programs and conferences like such are great windows of opportunity to help frame young entrepreneurial studies into the context of the real world," he continues.

This year's conference is attracting some of the Valley's biggest names: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Facebook CIO Tim Campos, LinkedIn Principal Engineer Sam Shah, and founder & CEO Sanjay Delal.

Canada's minister for citizenship and immigration, Jason Kenney, will also be in attendance, pushing a new Startup Visa program aimed to bring young entrepreneurs to the country.  “Our idea is to go down there, and say to many of these young people: If you would like to start your company in North America and stay on on a permanent basis, Canada is open for you," he said.

Day 2 will focus on how to get funding, global innovation, trends and challenges, with a special focus on women entrepreneurs.

"As New York City is the mecca of fashion, and Los Angeles world renowned for their movie productions, we hope Silicon Valley will act as the beacon or lighthouse, so to speak, to the hundreds of cities and countries thriving for a tech centered culture/economy," Koh concluded.

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