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Attention Journalists: Twitter Wants YOU

by Jane Susskind, published


If you're a journalist interested in the relationship between the newsroom and social media, Twitter may have a job for you. In a clear push towards attracting journalists to Twitter, the company has posted a job listing on their official blog, calling for a highly experienced expert in the editorial or journalism field to fill the vacancy.

Titled "Head of News and Journalism Partnerships," the job would entail the development and execution of strategies "that make Twitter indispensable to newsrooms and journalists," with explicit goals to increase the number of journalists and newsworthy content on Twitter.

"We believe Twitter is a valuable complement to the great work already being done and want to find ways for Twitter to help ensure the industry’s success," the ad reads.

In a world dominated by parodies, memes, and GIFs, many overlook the unparalleled importance of Twitter in the dissemination of news around the world. The ability to react to and share news as it happens, in a format compatible with the demands of everyday life makes Twitter an integral tool for journalists to spread valuable content.

In a matter of years, Twitter has transformed how we get the news and “the 24/7 news cycle has transformed into the 140 character news cycle,” Adam Sharp of the Government and Politics Twitter team states.

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