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NY Republican and CA Democrat Co-Sponsor Nonpartisan Tax Bill

by Chad Peace, published

Last November, Democrat Eric Swalwell, 31, defeated a long-time partisan incumbent Democrat Pete Stark, 81, for California's 15th Congressional District. It is a defeat that could not have occurred without California's new nonpartisan "top-two" primary, which pitted the two Democrats in a head-to-head race in the 2012 general election.

Advocates of the new system have argued that the nonpartisan primary would make representatives more responsive to their broader constituency and less beholden to their partisan base.

Eric Swalwell's H.R. 952, the "Main Street Revival Act," may be evidence the system is working. The bill would allow new small businesses to defer first year business taxes over a 4 year installment plan. On Wednesday, the bill got a new co-sponsor, from Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), another first-year congressman. He also represents one of the most Republican districts in New York.

“The ability to defer payroll taxes for one year may be just enough of a break to help a new small business owner hire one more person or purchase a new piece of equipment,” Collins said of the nonpartisan tax bill.  “This legislation represents the practical, commonsense solutions Washington needs to take to nurture small business development, create jobs, and spur real economic development in our communities.”

The bill was referred to committee on March 5 and is awaiting further action. You can follow the nonpartisan tax bill HERE.

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