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Political Tweet Chat: Compromise & Non-Partisan Solutions

by Jane Susskind, published

Political Tweetchat

Plagued with polarization, our government has ceaselessly failed to compromise on legislation imperative to the advancement of our economy, foreign policy, and citizen rights.

The 112th Congress made history this year as the least productive Congress, passing fewer laws than the infamously dubbed "Do-Nothing Congress" of 1947.

With the inability of our government to work together at the forefront of the national dialogue, 2013 presents an opportunity for our lawmakers to put their political affiliation aside in place of compromise.

Instead of complaining about the inefficiencies of our government, we want to discuss nonpartisan solutions to the issues that face our nation in the first political tweet chat of the year:

Who: @IVNetwork
What: Compromise & Non-Partisan Solutions
When: Thursday, January 3, 5pm PT/8pm ET
Hashtag: #IVNchat

The goal of IVN’s political tweet chat is to involve independent minded voters in the political dialogue. To ensure that we cover issues important to you, we are opening up the discussion to include your responses in the conversation.

Questions for this month’s political tweet chat will be centered around you, so sound off below!

What New Year’s resolutions do you think leaders in Washington should make this year?

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