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This Week on IVN San Diego: First Edition

by Blake Bunch, published

Welcome to the first edition of IVN San Diego’s weekly newsletter update. We promise not to overload your inbox, as we will only send updates once a week, every Monday morning. The newsletter will highlight news, events, and other things to look out for each week around San Diego.

We are undergoing significant development to make IVN a more reader-friendly and intuitive platform. In that regard, we will be sure to let you know when new features and capabilities are available.

Currently, we are working on a “news ticker” that will provide consistent updates throughout the day on a variety of topics, including exclusive news tips sent by leaders in the community that have expressed their interest in participating in IVN’s mission.

IVN is an open platform and we welcome your participation as well. Got a news tip? Want to write a story yourself? Then e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll help you out myself.

This week, San Diego City Council is back in session. IVN will be interviewing the city’s elected officials and examining two major issues facing the city: the continued state of emergency in our water supply due to the discharge of raw sewage in Tijuana, and the shortage of affordable housing.

Outside of politics, IVN will be following holiday events around the city, finding local eateries and cocktail spots, and reporting on other interesting pieces of San Diego that you might otherwise never discovered.

Thank you all for your support and readership as we bring open and unfiltered news to San Diego.

Warmest Regards,

Blake Bunch

Editor, IVN San Diego

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