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Today, Our Thoughts Are With Connecticut, Not Politics

by Jane Susskind, published

In the wake of another tragic shooting, many Americans are tempted to look at current gun policy in America and turn to the politics of the issue.

As details of the shooting continue to unravel on the news, online, and on social media, Americans have been reactionary in voicing their concerns, condolences, and criticisms. While online and social media platforms facilitate calls to action, today is not the day to have that debate.

Reported to have killed close to thirty people, including eighteen to twenty children, today's elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has already spurred national dialogue on the role of assault weapons in mass shootings in America, to which Obama's press secretary has responded, not today.

"There is, I am sure, will be, rather, a day for discussion of the usual Washington policy debates, but I do not think today is that day," press secretary Jay Carney told reporters. "Our minds and our focus need to be on what's happening there and providing assistance where we can to those who need it," he said, urging "enormous sympathy for the families that are affected." 

At IVN, we echo Carney's sentiments and believe that while a discussion about gun policy in the United States may be necessary moving forward, today is not the day. Today, our thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences go out to victims in Connecticut and all those affected by today's tragic events.


- Jane Susskind and the IVN Team.


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