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White House Holds Tweet Chat to Discuss Fiscal Cliff

by Jane Susskind, published

Tweet Chat to Discuss Fiscal Cliff

In response to the recent concern over the looming fiscal cliff, President Obama held a tweet chat today at 2pm Eastern, focusing on the middle class tax cuts. Asking Twitter users to discuss "What does $2k mean to you," Obama emphasized that if Congress fails to act before January 1, taxes would increase $2,200 for a typical middle-class family of four.

Boasting over 24 million followers, the president is not new to the social network, and has successfully held tweet chats throughout the year focusing on education and gridlock in Congress. Back in July, he held a "town hall" event on Twitter, inviting concerned citizens to share their thoughts on the "to-do" list created by Obama for Congress.

Tweeting from the @WhiteHouse Twitter account and signing his tweets "bo," Obama covered topics ranging from entitlement reform, obstacles for recent college graduates, reducing government spending, and risks for homeowners. He also managed to show his support for the Chicago Bears, tweeting "da bears still gottta shot."

By holding a tweet chat to discuss fiscal cliff concerns, Obama opened up the debate to the Americans affected by his debt reduction plan, allowing them to submit questions using the hashtag #My2k. Here are some of the Q&A responses from today's tweet chat:

You can see the full list of tweets submitted using the hashtag #My2k here:

Tweets about "#my2k"

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