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Changing of the Guard: New City Council Roles

by Blake Bunch, published

Congressman Bob Filner will be sworn as San Diego's thirty-fifth mayor today - Monday, December 3 at a ceremony held at the Balboa Park Club at 10am. Not only will Filner be the only elected official sworn in, as council president Tony Young will be stepping down, fulfilling his new role with Red Cross. Filner will be the thirty-fifth mayor to serve the city of San Diego.

The event should prove to be interesting, as city attorney Jan Goldsmith and council members for districts 1,3,5,7,and 9 are up for reelection.  Filner won a close election - one which was rife with personal political attack ads and overall animosity, and looks to give power in the city "back to the neighborhoods," and not to downtown special interest. During the election cycle, Filner garnered much more support from public service officials than his opponent, city council member Carl DeMaio.

Mayor Jerry Sanders served as San Diego's first mayor under the strong mayor system. Filner will now be the second. Sanders will be taking a post as CEO of the chamber of commerce, so the city will still see him serving the public. Council members who are also up for reelection are Todd Gloria, Sherri Lightner, and Marti Emerald. Regarding the role of city council president, speculation will conclude that Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria are up for the position. It is highly likely that Gloria will be sworn in this afternoon as the new council president.

To watch the ceremony live click here. Regardless of who is elected today, San Diego City Council will form its direction for the next few years.

Former mayor Jerry Sanders thanking San Diegans for their support. "There are two great days in a mayor's tenure. When he takes office and when he resigns," joked Sanders.

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