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New Podcast In The Works

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

In the developmental stages is the idea for a podcast for and possibly The Neutral Zone as well. Below is a three minute example of what the podcast could sound like, but there are still things that are being worked on.

This was recorded using a USB microphone, GarageBand, and by using a desktop application that allows users to record computer audio. The music track in the beginning was mixed on GarageBand using a pre-made blues audio track as a foundation. Maintaining consistent sound levels is obviously an issue that will be addressed as well as audio editing, but the purpose of this soundbite is to establish a baseline and get an idea on what direction we should go.

The plan is to have interviews, discussions with guests, and to provide our readership with a quality podcast that they will enjoy listening to. Please fill free to leave feedback, suggestions on structure, music, content, etc, and comments.

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