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Purely Dorset Duvets San Diego

by Emma Goda, published

A new company is emerging in San Diego called Purely Dorset Duvets, which is originally from New Zealand and is being brought to the United States by three San Diego State MBA graduates by their company Global Pacific Ventures, Inc. which was formed by three partners in the MBA program.  They are Roberto Ramirez, Rolando Avellan, and Hai La-Thai.  This team began to work together as consultants for their business in the Global Environment course to provide insight and recommended strategies for Purely Dorset Duvets.  Seeing the market potential, Global has invested in marketing campaigns and decided to officially launch in the United States headquartered in San Diego.

Purely  Dorset is a family owned business that was established in 2010 by Phil King and his daughter Julia. At the age of 14, Phil King developed a passion for breeding sheep and used the tiny bit of money he had to invest in a flock of sheep that began to grow into what it is today and provided inspiration for the company today. The entire company is unique because it is one hundred percent family run - from the operations to the family farm that was established back in 1973, which is located in New Zealand where all the wool for the duvets originates.  The eco-friendly all natural wool shows the families hard work and life long love for their sheep.

One may think of wool as itchy and uncomfortable, but with the poll dorset breed of sheep it made for very high quality and luxurious duvets. The poll dorset is a lightweight feature of the wool and it is known to stay fluffy over time. It is also unique for its high insulation and low  weight which makes these duvets perfect for all seasons.

All of the duvets are imported from New Zealand to the United States, and with these duvets one knows exactly where the fiber of the bedding is coming from.  The all natural wool is sheared by hand from the sheep that have been raised on the farm and other range free farms in New Zealand.

If you are looking for a duvet that is versitle enough to use in the winter and summer then look no further than Purely Dorset Duvets which are being sold online at

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