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by Emma Goda, published

Narratively is an online publication that is truly devoted to original, true and in-depth stories, and launched in New York City September of 2012.  They decided to take the news cycle and slow it down, as the twenty-four hour news cycle can make for redundancy. Their aim is to dig deep into the culture and history in and around New York City, helping to enrich the lives of others by telling these untold stories.

Every week Narratively looks at a specific theme, publishing series of stories based on said them - but they only publish one story a day. Narratively is not just writing stories, as they mix it up with photo essay's, audio pieces, and documentaries. They offer something that many larger news organizations are unable to offer readers, as they do not have the time or money to write about a emerging smaller businesses on a local level.

The Team Behind Narratively

“These types of stories are a little more cinematic and mysterious and intriguing…they could be played out on a movie screen or in a book,” said Narratively founder and Editor- in-Chief Noah Roseberg. “It’s not the same story that’s being told over and over and bouncing around the blogosphere. It’s something that people see as a radical interpretation of what the media should be.

Narratively has a set of guidelines that enable them to keep their content acceptable to the readers. They have editors that help keep "unacceptable content" out of their works. Their guidelines include a strict basis of no personal attacks or abusive, harassing, or threatening statements; no use of defamatory or knowingly false statements; no information of a private or personal nature that does not have news value or is otherwise of not of public interest; no irrelevant statements, commercial solicitations, or SPAM, including materials that violate the copyright, trademark, or trade secret rights of others that are not otherwise authorized by law, such as fair use.

Currently Narratively is headquartered in New York City, but are looking to expand to other cities through out the United States. In doing so, they prove to help uncover these unique stories, and ultimately slow down the media's pace, which makes for quality content.

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