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UCSD Founders' Day Celebrates Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla

by Michael Higham, published
Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla, photo credit: Michael Higham

UCSD Founders' Day

University of California, San Diego celebrated the investiture of its eighth chancellor, Mr. Pradeep K. Khosla. The event took place on Nov. 16 for UCSD Founders' Day. President of the University of California system Mark Yudof was in attendance and introduced Chancellor Khosla.

UCSD Founders' Day is an event that recognizes the campuses past. The ceremony began with a video outlining the successes of past UCSD Chancellors.

The investiture was a formal installation of Chancellor Khosla who began his post on Aug. 1 of this year. He gave his vision for the future of UC San Diego and affirmed his forward-thinking and aptitude for the position.

"I stand in front of you 30 years later because of that first opportunity and multiple opportunities that I've been given by this great country, university system, and this great citizenry. I want to thank you all With this great opportunity comes great responsibility. So, as your chancellor I know that what I was given 30 years ago, I must create a similar opportunity for everybody on this campus. My first two weeks on the job, I was asked what is my dream goal for this campus. It is very simple. It is to be the premier place that answers questions for humanity. It is to be the go-to place when somebody has a question, the go-to place for answers. It is to be a place that transforms lives, educates, enlightens, and opens minds. A campus that acts locally and gives back globally."
Student protesters' banner during President Yudof's speech.

UCSD Founders' Day protest

University of California President Mark Yudof's appearance was met with student protesters. The activists interrupted President Yudof's speech with chants and criticisms over a megaphone. President Yudof recognized the protest briefly saying, "I appreciate the attention." Once Chancellor Khosla took the podium after Yudof's introduction, student protesters began to march around campus.

The reason student activists are upset with President Yudof is due to his track record of instituting tuition hikes.

UC San Diego was established in 1960 with its first chancellor Herbert York. The American Ranking of World Universities currently ranks UC San Diego 12th in the nation and 14th worldwide. Chancellor Khosla succeeded Marye Anne Fox, who announced retirement from the Chancellor position last year.

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