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Nathan Fletcher Brings Spirit of Service to Qualcomm

by Jane Susskind, published
Credit: Sam Hodgson, Voice of San Diego

Nathan Fletcher Qualcomm

Announced Thursday, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher will join Qualcomm as Senior Director of Corporate Development at the end of his Assembly term. Moving forward from a primary loss in the mayoral race, Fletcher's responsibilities will range from developing strategies for advancing Qualcomm's mission and promoting philanthropic initiatives within the company.

When asked what drew him to the company during an IVN interview, he responded,

"I've known the leadership at Qualcomm for a while, and there are three things that have always appealed to me. First, it's the power of innovation to transform people's lives and great opportunities. Secondly, it's the model of the type of companies we want in San Diego.With the majority of profits made overseas, Qualcomm manages to provide job opportunities for people at home, and most of their workers are here in the US."

Fletcher also touts the company's success in creating a "wonderful place to work," and its focus in creating value in employees. Third, Fletcher was attracted to Qualcomm because of the company's affinity to give back globally.

Starting in January, Fletcher's job will include "developing strategies for advancing Qualcomm's mission and promoting philanthropic initiatives within the company." When asked about his departure from politics, he said:

"Voters of San Diego decided it was time to leave, I lost the election." 

Following this response, Fletcher provided a meaningful definition of what it means to serve. "There are a lot of ways you can be of service," he explained, and having served in the military and as an elected official, he states he will continue to serve the community in his upcoming position, in which he hopes "to create good paying jobs for San Diegans."

"I don't know if my outcome of efforts will be different, I will still come out with the spirit of service."

When asked what skills he would be bringing from his time in Assembly to his new position, he explained the three skills applicable to both positions.

"1. My work on budgets and large complex financial transactions. 2. The experience combined with the ability to build coalitions to achieve large goals. 3. Willingness to work very hard."

The SOC manufacturing company is expected to see significant growth in the next five years, says executive Paul Jacobs, due to increasing demand for smartphone and tablet processors. With Fletcher on board, the company hopes to encourage employee volunteerism and local initiatives. His press release explicitly states that his position will not involve government relations or lobbying activities.

What he won't miss about politics, he says is "the Union-Tribune, the UT-San Diego."

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