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Brian Bilbray Concedes to Scott Peters

by Blake Bunch, published

Republican Representative Brian Bilbray conceded the race for the redrawn 52nd Congressional District earlier today. Bilbray called to congratulate former San Diego City Council President and Democratic port commissioner Scott Peters on one of the most expensive, hard fought campaigns of the election cycle. The two candidates partook in an extremely personal, heated dialogue until the very end - with Peters ahead at 50.7% and Bilbray a hair behind with 49.3%.

Bilbray said in his formal statement regarding the concession:

"This was an expensive and hard-fought campaign that drew national interest. I appreciated the spirited dialogue that often accompanies campaigns like this. While Scott and I differed sharply on how to handle the issues facing our nation, now is the time to put those differences aside and find common ground to address our country’s many challenges."

Somewhat a source of controversy during the campaign cycle, Bilbray said:

"And finally, something very close to me, reforming the bureaucracy to get cures to patients faster and increasing medical research funding to one day turn cancer into a manageable disease. As for me, I will continue fighting for the issues I believe in and that benefit San Diego, only in a different capacity. I look forward to finally having the opportunity to spend time with my family and seven grandkids. I wish Scott and his family the very best in his endeavors."

Nearly nine days after the stake was claimed, Bilbray was ever the politician in his concession speech. If only the campaign could have reflected this latter sentiment.

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