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San Diego Community College Board Race Results

by Michael Higham, published

Community College Board Race Results

Community College Board Race Results are in. Here are the winners for the following positions:

San Diego Community College District, District B: Bernie Rhinerson

Bernie Rhinerson wins sub-district B for the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees with 66-percent of the vote over opponent Scott Hasson.

Bernie Rhinerson is the chief-of-staff for the San Diego Unified School District and an adjunct professor of public administration at San Diego State University. He hopes to better connect K-12 schools and community college in terms of achievement and job placement.

Southwestern College District, Seat 1: William Stewart

William Stewart wins seat one for the Southwestern Community College Governing Board over his opponent Elizabeth Jean Roach. Stewart received 60-percent of the vote.

William Stewart emphasizes the proper use of the school's funds in the future and plans to use his financial background to dig into the details of financial decisions. He has been a professor of philosophy at San Diego City College for 26 years.

Southwestern College District, Seat 3: Humberto Peraza

Humberto Peraza remains a Southwestern College Governing Board member with 56-percent of the vote over his opponent Bud McLeroy.

Humberto Peraza was appointed to the Southwestern College Board in August 2011 amidst financial controversy. Peraza has emphasized transparency and proper use of school funds to ensure the school and its board stay on track. He brought about campaign finance reform within the governing board's electoral process.

Voters PassProposition V

Proposition V will be passed with 56% of "Yes" votes.

Proposition V is a $398 million school bond measure for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca College District. Money is raised through an increase in property taxes for east county of $16.94 for every $100,000 of assessed property value. The money is intended to repair and renovate campus infrastructure and provide necessary technology for instruction. The bond required at least 55% of the vote to pass.

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