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Fran Pavley Wins 27th State Senate District

by Terri Harel, published

Fran Pavley won the 27th State Senate District last night, with 52 percent of the vote. Todd Zink collected 47 percent of the vote, with all precincts reporting.

Senate District 27, constituting an area just north of Los Angeles including Calabasas, Simi Valley, Malibu, and Thousand Oaks, was a close race from the beginning. In the June 5 primaries, Republican Todd Zink received 51 percent of the vote, while incumbent Democratic State Senator Fran Pavley received 48.9 percent.

Both candidates had been in an extremely tight race, as campaign fundraising was relatively even and in high numbers. From January 1 through September, Zink raised $950,000 and Pavley spending nearly $1.2 million.

The Democrats had a voter registration advantage, by slightly more than 40,000. As the incumbent, it looked like Pavley had the best chance of winning, but Zink had an advantage in the primary so the race was a toss up. The Democrats hoped Pavley could hold onto her seat, so as to gain the super majority in the State Senate.

Todd Zink's focus was on public safety, education, and jobs, particularly as they pertain to unemployed veterans. He served in the Marine Corps and worked as a Deputy District Attorney for the LA Country DA’s Office.

Pavley has been a champion of environmental policy, authoring several bills during her time as a state senator regulating auto emissions and promoting energy efficiency. She has also worked on legislation that addresses sex trafficking and domestic abuse, as well as economic issues like foreclosures.

Pavley's win is an important retention for the Democrats, who now hold a super majority in the State Senate.

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