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All California Proposition Results for 2012

by Chad Peace, published

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2012 California Proposition Results

California had a lot of complex and contentious issues on the ballot this year. Here you can find a quick breakdown of the California proposition results, the results, and links to a more detail explanation with complete background information on each one.

Proposition 30 - Yes

Prop 30 concerning Gov. Brown’s Education Tax narrowly passed with 53.9% of the vote. Californian’s have chosen between two education tax hikes. Early on in the election returns, the fate of Prop 30 seemed uncertain, but throughout the course of the evening the tide turned for Prop 30 and Gov. Brown's measure will become law.

Proposition 31 - No

Prop 31, which required a careful review of the budgeting provisions failed with only 39.2% of voters favoring the complicated review of state budget accounting practices.

Proposition 32 - No

Prop 32 officially titled to the Political Contributions by payroll deduction also failed with only 43.9% of the vote. Corporations, Unions and Public Employee Unions will still be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.

Proposition 33 - No

Prop 33 dealing with the issue of continuous insurance coverage and has failed, able to only obtain 45.5% of the vote. George Joseph's proposal has failed.

Proposition 34 - No

Prop 34 replaces capital punishment with life in prison without the possibility of parole has failed, able to only obtain 47.2% of the vote. It is the only one of the three measures this year dealing with matters of criminal law that did not pass.

Proposition 35 - Yes

Prop 35 expands the definition of human trafficking and faced virtually no opposition during the election unsurprisingly won with a landslide  81.1% of the vote.

Proposition 36 - Yes

Prop 36 is commonly known as the three strikes law reform has passed with 68.6% of the vote and imposes a mandatory minimum 25 year sentence for a person convicted of any felony and has two or more strike priors. Third strikes that are misdemeanors are no longer eligible to trigger the mandatory life sentence.

Proposition 37 - No

Prop 37 imposes upon California retailers the duty to label both raw and unprocessed foods that contain genetically modified organisms sold in California and took only 46.9% of the vote. This was a race where powerful agribusiness worked hard to defeat the measure.

Proposition 38 - No

Prop 38 would look to raise approximately $10 billion in state revenues with approximately 60% of that money going to schools through 2016-2017 has now failed with 27.7% of the vote. Voters resoundingly rejected Molly Munger's tax initiative.

Proposition 39 - Yes

Prop 39 requires businesses who do have operations in multiple states to pay income taxes based on a percentage of their business done in CA has passed, acquiring 60.1% of the vote.

Proposition 40 - Yes

Prop 40 gives voters the opportunity to approve or reject the senate district boundaries approved by the Citizens redistricting commission will now go into effect. Prop 40 passed with 71.4% of the vote.

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