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Last Minute Funding for Akin in Missouri Senate Race

by Cara Rinkoff, published
Photo: AP

todd akin

Just days before voters head to the polls, Missouri Congressman Todd Akin has launched a nearly two million dollar ad campaign in his race for US Senate. This is the first time since his controversial comments about “legitimate rape” in August that the Republican has made an ad buy that comes close in funding to his opponent, Democratic incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill. This last minute funding for Akin is the final push to get the controversial congressman reelected.

The Washington Post reports Akin supporters are spending $1.75 million on statewide ads this week, compared to $2 million by McCaskill. The Post adds, the groups kicking in money for this ad buy include Akin’s official campaign, the Now or Never SuperPAC, the Missouri Republican party, and a SuperPAC associated with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Democrats are accusing the National Republican Senatorial Committee of contributing the $700,000 attributed to the Missouri Republican Party. Akin lost the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee in August after he said women could prevent pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape. According to The Hill, the state party did not have enough money to match that amount for Akin as of October 17. There is speculation “the funds could only be from a dramatic surge in donations in the past week and a half, or a transfer from the national party committees.” A spokesman for the RNC said the organization did not make the contributions.

This ad buy from Akin comes after some encouraging polls for his campaign. According to a Public Policy Polling press release from November 4, McCaskill leads Akin by 4 points.

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