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Super PAC Money Has Been Flowing Freely to Grab Last Voters

by Blake Bunch, published

Mitt Romney has been appealing to four blue-leaning states much more aggressively this week, launching ads totaling $1.8 million in Minnesota and New Mexico this past Wednesday. In an attempt to “buy” the traditionally Democratic states, the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future has been dumping money into advertising in these crucial states. PAC and Super PAC money has been flowing freely in a last minute attempt to gain with undecided voters.

In a tit-for-tat of funding, every state in which the Romney campaign infuses cash, Obama support follows suit, and vice-versa.

According to, the super PAC Restore Our Future has raised a total of $131,692,123 in support of Romney. In comparison, the highest fundraising PAC for Obama, Priorities USA, has raised $63,897,639, less than half of Restore Our Future.

Both the Romney and Obama campaigns are trying to garner last minute support throughout the country. The Romney campaign held two separate fundraising events in Michigan in October. Romney was not in attendance, but Ann Romney and VP candidate Paul Ryan stood in.  The Obama campaign held no events in Michigan, but the first fady was campaigning for the president in the state, as he was working on Sandy relief efforts on the East Coast.

This last push for support might be too late in the campaign cycle; as of November 2, one third of voters in swing states will have already cast their ballots. The states most in question now are: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, and of course, Ohio. In these states, nearly 32 percent voters say they have already cast their vote.

The Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for November 2 shows the race tied, with President Obama and Governor Romney attracting support from 48 percent of voters nationwide. One percent prefers some other candidate, and three percent remain undecided.

November 2 Ramussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Ramussen Report November 2

The Washington Post released a preliminary electoral vote count on November 2 as well. This poll shows President Obama leading with 186 "solid" electoral votes, compared to Romney's 170 "solid" electoral votes. The poll further shows that 51 electorates are leaning towards Obama, while 36 are swayed in Romney's direction. Ninety-five are still considered a "toss up."

It would seem that Governor Romney's elevated outside spending, as compared to President Obama, would reflect a significant gap between the two candidates.  However, as it stands now, this is an exceptionally close race, so it will not be surprising to see PACs and super PACs supporting either kicking into higher gear, even in the race's last two days.


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