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Presidential Hopefuls Get Help From Clinton, Bush in Florida

by Terri Harel, published
Photo: Lannie Waters

The presidential hopefuls are getting help from big players in their respective parties in the next couple days. President Obama is relying heavily on the charisma of former President Bill Clinton in the last days of campaigning, particularly in states that remain most uncertain. This past week alone, Clinton has visited Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Ohio, and Jeb Bush offerred his time and words to former Governor Romney.

Clinton made his rounds in Florida on Friday, stopping in five cities, including several appearances at colleges. He is playing an imperative role in Obama’s campaign, delivering more stump speeches than the president from now until Tuesday.

Among many issues, Clinton strategically focused on the economy, offering voters encouragement that Obama’s policies would put America back on its feet. Clinton stressed that Obama has done a good job given the economic circumstances he was dealt when elected in 2008. Clinton also highlighted, akin to his words at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama’s willingness to work across party lines and trumped bipartisanship as the only way to move the nation forward.

Some protestors picketed outside the Clinton rallies, hoping to highlight some issues that have been sidelined this election, such as growing student debt. At a stop at Florida State University, Clinton discussed the increasing problem of college affordability. The economy, however, remains the main talking point by which to woe voters.

Romney was also campaigning in Florida this week, along with former Governor Jeb Bush, who remains popular in the state. Today, Bush continued stumping for the Republican presidential candidate. At one stop this afternoon, Governor Bush said, “America is a place that when more people dream and more people innovate, then more people are successful. Mitt Romney understands that –Barak Obama does not.”

Again, the economy was the focus of the conversation, citing Romney’s ability to “restore American greatness” by creating high wage and high growth jobs. Bush also emphasized the need to “reach across the partisan divide” for lasting economic improvement. “Mitt Romney understands this,” he reiterated.

Regardless of the talking points, the rallies throughout the state are, most importantly, encouraging citizens to get out and vote on Election Day.

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