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[Updated 11/6] Who is Really Winning the Presidential Election?

by Chad Peace, published

One of the disadvantages from the ease of accessing information in today's political world is that there are 4,973,874 different political polls tracking another large random number of elections, issues, and sentiments. How do you know who is really winning the Presidential election? This graph from the Huffington Post tracks 546 different Presidential Polls and puts them all in a single chart, and aggregates the results.

Check Out the Presidential Poll Aggregation Who is Really Winning the Presidential Election?

Aside from aggregating views of voters about the presidential election, more and more polling firms have been asking voters about their political tendency, regardless of their "official" party registration. Something that would concern the two big parties, and perhaps encourage those who are fed up with partisanship: the number of voters across the country that self-identify as independent voters exceeds that of Democrat and Republican.

While most states condition a voter's ability to effectively participate in the election process through primary/caucus voting limitations and extraneous ballot access requirements for candidates who are not part of the Red or Blue teams, states like California have adopted new voting laws that open up the process to everyone.

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