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Tweeting the Newly Drawn California Districts: High Independent Influence

by Ian Dawes, published

Heavy independent voter registration california districts

Candidates have taken to Twitter in attempt to appeal to the young, Independent voters and the social media savvy. Tweeting the newly drawn California districts this election has been a campaign strategy of candidates in some districts with a strong Independent voter presence.

The candidates running in some of these districts (Congressional, CA Senate and Assembly) were so close in the primary election that appealing to the high ratio of Independent voters in those new districts can predictably play a significant role on the outcome of the election.

Below are lists and tweets of candidates in California districts that will see a strong Independent voter Influence on Tuesday.

California Congressional Races with a Strong Independent Influence

CD 24: Maldonado (R) v. Capps (D)

CD 52: Peters (D) v. Bilbray (R)


Tweets from @OneIFbyeC/ca-cong-indy-influenced //

California State Senate Races with a Strong Independent Influence

SD 5: Berryhill (R) v. Galgiani (D)

SD 19: Jackson (D) v. Stoker (R)

SD 27: Pavley (D) v. Zink (R)

SD 31: Roth (D) v. Miller (R)

SD 39: Block (D) v. Plescia (R)

Tweets from @OneIFbyeC/ca-sen-indy-influenced //

California State Assembly Races with a Strong Independent Influence

AD 8: Cooley (D) v. Tateishi (R)

AD 32: Salas (D) v. Rios (R)

AD 61: Medina (D) v. Batey (R)

AD 77: Hernandez (D) v. Maienschein (R)

Tweets from @OneIFbyeC/ca-assem-indy-influenced


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