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Bill Bloomfield Commercial Goes After Henry Waxman's Democratic Base

by Chad Peace, published

California is undergoing a quiet revolution out West. Coming off of its first non-partisan open primary, there are several races this year that won't look familiar to everyday politicos. And a new Bill Bloomfield commercial proves that the landscape has changed.

Because of the new "top-two" style primary system, this year's 33rd congressional district is pitting Bill Bloomdfield, an independent businessman, against Democratic stalwart Henry Waxman head-to-head. In this Democrat heavy district, Waxman has been reelected comfortably 19 straight times to his seat in Congress. But with the new rule change, an independent Bil Bloomfield has a real shot against the Congressman.

Waxman, known as one of the more partisan members of Congress, is not likely to pick up many non-Democrat votes. And while Bloomfield is a first time candidate, he is no political novice. In fact, he was an early supporter of the non-partisan open primary. The theme of his campaign has been that partisanship doesn't work, and representatives like Waxman are at the heart of the problem.

in his latest commercial, Bloomfield is hitting Waxman right at his base, appealing directly to Democratic voters. "I've voted for Henry Waxman 19 times. Not this time."

Watch the New Bill Bloomfield Commercial

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