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Tweets from California Independent Races

by Ian Dawes, published

There are five races in California that will see a candidate that is running without any party affiliation. All but one of these races are in districts that put a partisan incumbent against a non-partisan who have not previously held office, yet the numbers in the primary election were particularly close between each district's candidates. In District 29, Los Angeles Democratic City Council member Tony Cardenas faces non-partisan independent candidate and community activist David Hernandez.

Social media participation, through outlets like Twitter, in these highly competitive races, has been an effective way for candidates to reach out to their constituents. David Hernandez (NPP) even has a smartphone app on the Google Play and Apple App stores that provides his supporters with his campaign calendar and easy access to his Twitter feed and Facebook page.

The Hernandez/Cardenas race in Congressional District 29, from a Twitter supporters standpoint will be particularly interesting. If a win was given on the criteria of followers alone, Hernandez would win with 607 followers against Cardenas's 24 followers.

The following is a list of legislative districts that have a independent non-partisan candidate running.

AD 28: Walsh (NPP) v. Fong (D)

CD 13: Lee (D) v. Singleton (NPP)

CD 23: McCarthy (R) v. Phillips (NPP)

CD 29: Cardenas (D) v. Hernandez (NPP)

CD 33: Waxman (D) v. Bloomfield (NPP)


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