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Why 27 is Scarier than Halloween for Some

by Chad Peace, published

1 is lonely. 13 is bad luck. But for some, 27 is scarier than Halloween.

There are two competing views in California. One: taxes are necessary. Two: taxes are too high. There are compelling arguments on both sides. On the one hand, education advocates believe that tax increases are absolutely necessary to preserve quality education; whether through the ballot box or the legislature. On the other side, are tax advocates, who argue that California's taxes are already too high. But either way, for those concerned about one-party-rule, the number 27 can be pretty scary.

California is by all accounts a Democratic stronghold. It's got a Democratic House, with a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic Governor. And it is a guaranteed victory for the Democratic President on November 6th.

But there are plenty of holes in California's cheese. San Diego, the Central Valley, and most of California's NorthEast all lean Republican. That's how they got the Republican Governator. And its these Republicans that provide the modicum of "hold-your-horses" when the blue team gets a great new idea.

Today, the Democrats hold 25 of the 40 seats in the State Senate. Two more and the legislature could override the governor and raise taxes without a vote of the people. That's significant because the Governor, rightly or wrongly, promised not to raise taxes without a vote of the people. 27 is the scary number for some that would give the State Senate a super-majority; de facto single-party rule. It would allow them to raise taxes despite the Governor's promise.

There are several Republican v. Democrat races that could go either-way this election. As the chips are stacked, another good guy on the left or hero of the right doesn't really matter, per se. Whether one candidate is better than the other is really irrelevant to some, who believe "27" is the scary issue.

Elected Governor? Doesn't matter. The other 22 Republicans in the Senate? Don't matter. Only thing that matters is 27 D's. Could have been 27 R's. For those who are afraid of single-party rule, it's scary.

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