Republican Candidates Compete on Twitter in Same-Party Races

Two Republican Candidates must compete for independent and democratic votes
In California, many Republican candidates running for State and Federal legislative district offices will face an opponent of the same party. Only two congressional districts (CD-8 and CD-31) that encompass portions of Southern California desert regions of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, and Death Valley will see a Republican face a Republican for a House seat. Seven newly drawn California Assembly districts, as well, will pit the GOP against itself. There are no State Senate races this election with a Rep v. Rep race.

Races with a Republican v. Republican

Almost all of these Rep v. Rep candidates are using their Twitter accounts heavily during the campaign season. Since all of these races are very close, within only a few percentage points in the June primary, tweeting out where they stand on issues relevant to their district and constituents can be a powerful game changer for a campaign and for those independent, moderate, or undecided voters following the candidates.

Congressional Rep v. Rep Tweets


Assembly Rep v. Rep Tweets