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What do you Know About GMOs?

by Lucas Eaves, published

Genetically Modified Organisms, commonly known as GMOs, are found in most of the food in the United States. Up to 88% of corn, 90% of cotton and 94% of soy beans are grown from genetically modified crops.

There are numerous benefits to the usage of GMOs such as creating plants resistant to pests, herbicide and drought. However, a number of studies have linked GMOs to health problems such as cancer or allergies but more importantly, we have not been using them for long enough to know their effects on health, environment or insects.

Under the current system in the United States, food companies are not mandated to label food that contains products have been genetically modified. In California, Proposition 37 is offering to voters the choice to make labeling mandatory.  Learn more about GMOs with the following infographic provided by Map of World.

What do you know about GMOs


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