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How the 2012 Election Became the Mobile Election

by Lucas Eaves, published

Did you know that 60% of smartphones users would agree to cast their vote via a mobile app?

That Republicans states are more likely to have more Android users whereas Iphones are preferred in Democratic states?

With the Kennedy/Nixon debate in 1960, the era of the Television Elections began. It lasted uncontested for 40 years until the advancement of the internet. This technical progress has seen a major changes in the way elections are run by candidates and followed by voters.  The 2004 election was named the “blog election”. The 2008 one was the “social media election”. This year seems on its way to be named the "mobile election". The following infographic , created by Engine Yard, gives us an interesting overview of how the evolution of the mobile technology has influenced the way elections are run, how advertisement has been used and how voters can be influenced through their mobile devises.

Credit: Engine Yard

How the 2012 Election Became the Mobile Election

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