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Indoor Rock Climbing - Solid Rock Climbing Gym

by Emma Goda, published


Photo: Lance Cpl. Rebecca A. Lamont

Ever had the urge to scale a rock face? Solid Rock Climbing Gym provides people of all ages with the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing. Solid Rock has three locations in San Diego: Old Town, Poway, and San Marcos. The gyms offer over 115 top ropes, three huge lead areas and four bouldering areas.

You do not have to be an expert climber to start at Solid Rock, and the staff is dedicated to providing an environment where a rewarding, safe experience is within reach of first time climbers. Additionally, experienced climbers can train and hone their skills to achieve new heights.



Rock climbing is an incredible experience that develops the ability of the mind and body to work in harmony.   –Solid Rock Climbing Gym


Rock climbing enables the mind to focus, silence internal thoughts, face your fears, and remove daily stresses. A unique and fun exercise, it also enhances strength, flexibility, and balance. Whether seeking a one day adventure in the climbing gym, or looking to become a long time member, Solid Rock Climbing Gym is a solid choice for staying fit in San Diego.



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