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Return to IVN's Frontpage Puts Spotlight on Independent-Minded Voters

by Chad Peace, published

After holding its first non-partisan open primary this June, California went from the least competitive, to the most competitive elections in the country, according to Ballotpedia. Arizona has a similar measure on its ballot that would end party-controlled primaries. As the 2012 General Election approaches, IVN will pay special attention to the numerous incumbent partisans in California who face serious challenge for the first time, the state of Arizona's open elections initiative, and other races across the country where independent-minded voters are challenging the partisanship that pervades our politics.

IVN Election Center

Part of IVN’s ongoing mission is to bring you coverage of national elections and the impact that independent voters have nationwide. Continuing with that promise to bring you unfiltered news from across the political spectrum, IVN proudly provides an Election Center specifically built for independent-minded voters.

Open Primary Could Unseat Five Incumbent Partisans in CA

It is two weeks away from California's first full top two runoff election under its new open primary system and the Golden State's new method for electing its lawmakers has created a drastically different political landscape. For evidence, observers need to look no further than California's 2012 elections for the US House of Representatives, where at least five incumbent partisans are facing serious competition.
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Talk Specifics

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Talk Specifics in Online Debate

The world was witness to not only the wonders of a new technology, but patient with its introduction to American politics. More importantly, credit has to be given to the candidates and IVN participants: real questions from real people with real responses.

Facebook Application announces the launch of the Drop Your Party Facebook App on Facebook to show Washington, DC where partisanship is not going to work anymore. With Congressional approval ratings hovering around 10 percent, it’s time we move past party labels and start electing those who are dedicated to developing lasting solutions, regardless of party affiliation. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and everyone else is invited to ‘Drop Your Pin’ on the map of voters committed to independent-minded voting.

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