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Republicans Protect Their Own in Virginia Voter Fraud Case

by Matt Metzner, published
Credit: Newscom/ZumaPress

Colin Small dodging voter fraud investigations in Virginia

Tomorrow’s Democracy has covered the issue of voter fraud extensively in its argument for implementing a national online voting system. The central argument against an online voting system is the assumed risk of voter fraud. Aside from the lack of factual information to support the argument, another wrench is thrown into the system when voter fraud presents itself and goes unpunished.

Voter registration is the main area where voter fraud can occur. Individuals, political groups, and clerks all have access to voter registration info and could be implicated in perpetuating voter fraud.

Recently a Republican contractor who was hired by the Republican Party of Virginia to conduct voter registration drives was implicated in a voter fraud scheme. Colin Small, was charged with voter fraud crimes after state investigators found as many as nine voter registration applications were found in a trash bin behind a store.

The chair of the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus pushed for the Virginia Attorney General to investigate the case. The Republican Attorney General has refused to investigate after the State Board of Elections failed to call for an investigation.

The head of the State Board of Elections, Charlie Judd, also happens to be a Republican official and former executive director of the Virginia Republican Party.

Brandi Lilly, Virginia Registrar has defended the decision by stating. “there’s no way to tell by party when people fill out these forms, what party they’re affiliated with, so I don’t think there’s any political motivation.”

With all due respect to Miss Lilly, the old idiom, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s a duck should apply here. This is clearly a partisan battle, but it is coming at the expense of Virginia citizens and those who are pushing for a factual discussion on voter fraud.

Two Republican leaders are lining up to protect one of their own who has made headlines, perpetuated voter fraud, and is now walking away scot-free.

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