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An Open Invitation to All Third Party Candidates to Debate

by Chad Peace, published

To change the political process, we have to start with the political dialogue. was established to promote such a change; news that is unfiltered by partisan interests. IVN is, first and foremost, a platform for diversity of viewpoints and bound by a common etiquette.

There are much more than two credible third party candidates running for President. Not surprisingly, many supporters of these candidates have been frustrated or concerned that maybe IVN doesn't believe in its message of diversity because only Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will be participating in tonight's historic online debate. Those who read IVN on a regular basis should know this is not the case.

First, it is important to note that all the candidates and the vast majority of their supporters are not only polite, but understanding, rational, and highly intelligent people. As with any organization, movement, or candidacy, a few of the more boisterous have indicated, sometimes using an apoplectic economy of words, a higher level of disagreement over our debate decisions.

To the cordial and the contentious, the debate was limited to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, because logistically, using technology for the first time ever becomes exponentially more difficult for each candidate added. As a practical matter, a line had to be drawn somewhere because at some point nobody gets a chance to speak due to the reality of time. Although we did actually invite three other third party candidates who did not accept our invitation.

IVN has interviewed and published articles with nearly every third party candidate we are aware of. We will continue to do so, as well as include them in our newsletters. IVN will have more debates. We will write more articles. And we will conduct more interviews. We will invite every campaign to participate to the greatest extent possible and practical.

This article should be considered an open invitation to any two candidates to have a debate moderated by IVN. Each candidate is encouraged to find another willing and credible debate adversary and send an email to to get it on the schedule.

Of course President Obama and Governor Romney are invited to participate. We'll be waiting by the phone.

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