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Bloomfield and Waxman Race Is Heating Up CA-33 District

by Barry Donegan, published
Photo: Bill Bloomfield at the Rotary Club of Manhattan Beach with Jim Hallett and Manhattan Beach Police Chief Eve Irvine

Heading into November, the CA-33 congressional race between independent candidate Bill Bloomfield and Congressman Henry Waxman is intensifying. Bloomfield's ability to self-finance his campaign has forced the incumbent Waxman to compete to retain his seat despite having served in the US House of Representatives since 1975. With under a month left before the November 6th general election, the Bloomfield and Waxman race is heating up, and both campaigns are touting new endorsements, making efforts to get out the vote, and trading barbs.

Congressman Waxman's campaign is reaching out to voters by highlighting his record as a bona fide Democrat. "The first piece of what we're doing is letting voters know about the Congressman's strong record as a proud Democrat, who does have a clear record of working across the aisle to get things done," said Waxman campaign manager Lindsay Bubar. "We also feel it's important to inform voters that while our opponent Bill Bloomfield claims he's no longer Republican, he has been funding the Republican Party for the last 20 years, even after he re-registered as independent."

Bill Bloomfield's campaign has been targeting Democratic, Republican, and independent voters who are frustrated with the climate of partisanship in Washington DC. Responding to accusations that the independent congressional hopeful is a closet Republican, Bloomfield's communications director Sabrina Wazzan stated, "Bill is an independent, and he has given to both Democrats and Republicans." Going further, Wazzan offered Bloomfield's position on abortion to demonstrate his independent perspective on the issues, "He's pro choice; he's not a Republican." Bloomfield's team also pointed out, "Bill has not taken any PAC money, and he refuses to take money from special interests."

Both camps have recently announced new endorsements. "Just yesterday, the Daily Breeze and the Daily News came out in support of the Congressman," said Bubar. On Bloomfield's new endorsements, communications director Wazzan offered, "We do have a lot of endorsements from independents. One is from No Labels, and then we just got endorsed by the Independent Voice." Additionally, the Bloomfield campaign released a new TV ad called "Critical," featuring words of support from James Woolsey, Director of the CIA under Bill Clinton.

Waxman's campaign is focusing on getting his Democratic supporters out to vote, relying on phone banks and in-person campaign appearances at senior centers and meet and greets throughout the South Bay area. The Bloomfield team is using social media to spread his independent, anti-partisan message, urging supporters on Twitter and Facebook to share the campaign's new television commercials.

With Waxman intensifying his attacks on Bloomfield for donating to Republicans in the past, the Democratic congressman is appealing to party faithfuls in an effort to encourage a greater turnout among his base of support. Bloomfield's recent messaging is aimed at voters across the political spectrum, promoting his history of donating to candidates from both parties and endorsements from Democratic and independent sources.

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