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Arizona Open Election Coalition Launches New Yes on 121 Ad

by Chad Peace, published

The YES on Prop 121 Arizona Open Election Coalition campaign today unveiled a TV ad that will begin to run immediately on stations across the state. The campaign made special note that the are committed to staying positive, even in the face of all the bipartisan negative advertisements against the non-partisan measure:

Noting that opponents have leveled a barrage of criticism at the measure in their effort to preserve the state’s current partisan primary election system, Johnson admitted that the ads are indeed different for a political campaign. “We too could have gone negative,” said Johnson. “Rather than become immersed in the swill of negative ads we seemingly see and hear on a constant basis, we chose a different course,” said Johnson. “After all, Prop 121 is designed to make a positive difference by leveling the playing field for all voters and all candidates.”

0:00 - tired at negative politics and scandals vote yes on prop one twenty-one any 0:05 - politicians accountable to us not political parties and lobbyists yes and 0:09 - one twenty one will replace partisan primaries with elections opened up on 0:13 - voters and our candidates at the top two candidates will then compete for our 0:17 - vote in future general elections they'll have to address issues critical to us 0:22 - all within your independent republican or democrat 0:25 - yes from prop one twenty-one for open elections and open government

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