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This Week on IVN: Alternative Voices

by Chad Peace, published

A common trope among independent-minded voters is that our political discussions revolve around a Democratic or Republican frame of reference that goes un questioned. As a consequence, our political discourse reduces the complex issues we face into two-sided partisan talking points.

This week on IVN, we will pay special attention to the alternative voices that challenge conventional dialogue and assumptions.

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Gary Johnson and Jill Stein
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein: Third Party Budget Plans
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have both put forward government reforms as part of their platforms and, for both candidates, their visions are a stark contrast to what the Democrats and Republicans have in mind for the upcoming fiscal year.
Profile: Virgil Goode,<br /> Candidate for the Constitution Party
Profile: Virgil Goode, Candidate for the Constitution Party
Virgil Goode, a third party presidential candidate, is the nominee for the lesser known Constitution Party. He has ballot access is most states for the November election.
Rocky Anderson: the Justice Party Alternative
Earlier this month, we took a look at the Green Party's Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson. Independents who are thinking outside the two-party box may also consider the candidacy of former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.
An Interview<br /> with TJ O'Hara, The Modern Whig Party Candidate
An Interview with TJ O'Hara, The Modern Whig Party Candidate
IVN contributor, Bianca Ciotti conducts an in-depth interview with TJ O'Hara, the Modern Whig Party's 2012 candidate for president.
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Contributor of the Week: Brenda Evans

Brenda majored in Online Journalism with a specialization in Political Science and Geography. She holds a certificate in Environmental Studies and has a special interest for water issues. Notable Posts: Political Attack Ads Impact Voter Perception In Elections Sexual Reorientation Therapy Ban Signed by Governor Brown Poll Reveals Majority of Coloradans Reject Stricter Gun Laws Minnesota Voter ID Law Splits State Along Party Lines

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