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Gas Prices are on the Rise: Will You Ride the San Diego Trolley?

by Emma Goda, published

As many of you have seen, gas prices are closing in on almost $5 dollars a gallon. But San Diegans have several options to get around other than using their car. One of the most popular options is to ride the San Diego Trolley, which has four separate lines traveling across the city.  The lines connect San Ysidro to Downtown, Downtown to El Cajon, and Downtown to Old Town, which continues East to Santee.   The fourth line is a special events line that connects the convention center to Qualcomm Stadium.

The trolley provides residents of San Diego County with an easy mode of transportation at an affordable cost. Customers are able to purchase a one way ticket for $2.50, a day pass for $5 dollars, or a monthly pass for $72.  And with the purchase of the day pass or monthly pass, a customer has access to the massive network of public busses. The trolley is a great alternative to driving your car, although it does take some advance planning for your day.  The trolley starts running at 4:45 am, with stops every 15 minutes during normal hours.

The trolley runs as late as midnight and provides extra service runs during business rush hour. To help you navigate the tracks, Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) provides San Diegans with an App called SD Transit for your smart phone, which you can download for free. The application provides routes, directions, and stops for customers right at their fingertips.

While the trolley does provide a nice alternative to driving, one must decide if longer travel times are worth the lower costs. Regardless, their customer service via Twitter is pretty impressive too:

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