Online Voting System Security Debate

Credit: University of Michigan[/caption]

Alex Halderman, the famous DC Internet voting system hacker, and I recently debated Internet voting security issues.

In my last post, I presented the Canadian Model for framing the Internet voting debate. I have also posted about the many cities in Canada that use Internet voting.

But, just to be sure I am up to speed on all the issues, I’m taking an online Digital Democracy class with Professor Halderman. Our debate was during his online office hours.

Issues: What is more important to consider in the debate over Internet voting security — known facts about the many successes of Internet voting trials, or scary possibilities that haven’t happened? How much weight should be given the theoretical notion that a hack can go undetected? What evidence is RELEVANT to this debate?

Our discussion starts at 21:30 and ending at 42:00).


In the Next Segment: More on Online Voting System Security