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Gary Johnson Mobile App Highlights Importance of Social Media

by Jane Susskind, published

Moving forward with his presidential campaign, former two-term governor and Libertarian presidential candidate launched a Gary Johnson mobile app earlier this month, exclusively for Android phones. Developed by MAPPAquerque Mobile, the Gary Johnson mobile app signifies his commitment to the campaign and his incorporation of social media and technology in his campaign strategy.

The application allows users to stay up to date with Johnson's live events schedule, read his updates from the campaign trail, follow his social media accounts, and share news with friends via social media. You can event request a media kit right from your phone.

Under the "Live Free" tab of the Gary Johnson mobile app, you can share Johnson's message with friends on social media:

In the application's description, his campaign calls for action, asking supporters to share the app:

So if you're ready to tell the establishment that the same old stuff won't cut it this time around then download, donate and share the Gary Johnson mobile app now.

For all you android faithfuls, you can download the Gary Johnson mobile app on Google Play or click here for more information.

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