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Jill Stein: Green Party Presidential Candidate visits USD

by Lucas Eaves, published
Jill Stein Green Party Candidate Credit:

We will be live blogging from the University of San Diego where Jill Stein Green Party candidate in the Presidential election, is going to address the student community. She will talk about the Green Party's environmental policy and political goals. The debate will start at 10.45am. Stay posted for updates throughout the event.



Before the arrival of Jill Stein, a reminder for all the students is made so they do not forget to register to vote.


Jill Stein will run a few minutes late as she is in the building on a Skype interview with the BBC. This gives the USD students time to arrive and settle in the room while enjoying bagels and coffee.


Joseph Yurgil, President of the Environmental Law Society, host of the event, is pleased to introduce Jill Stein as she just entered the room.


Jill Stein talks about her surprise of the reception she has received during this campaign as so many voters are unhappy with the two main parties and are very happy to be presented with an alternative.


Jill Stein condemn the "useful vote" fear and encourage people to break up from the abusive political relationship that they have with the two parties.


Jill Stein presents the role of Barack Obama on continuing the Bush policies in regard to free trade agreements that increases the number American jobs sent overseas.


Jill Stein gives her opinion of Obama's war policies and how the withdrawal of Iraq was only a consequences of a Bush policy. Bush had set a due date for the immunity of the US forces in Iraq and that date has not been extended, despite the President's efforts to do so.


The President records on civil liberties, oil drilling, coal mining, fracking, Arctic policies  is condemned by the Green Party candidate. These elements as well as  the postpone of any international agreements on climate change until 2020 by the White House are many examples of how little difference exists between the Democrats and the Republicans.


Jill Stein believe that the number of social movements such as Occupy Wall Street, the protest in Quebec on student tutions, Chicago Teachers Strikes with growing importance alternative parties  will bring light on  important issues. This the only way to break free from the politics of fear and to get the voice of the public interest heard.


Jill Stein presents the focus of the Green party: the Green New Deal . She believes that when the private sector does not provide jobs, the government should intervene  and through different subsidies, programs create a number of public jobs. "We need an employment office and not an unemployment office." The alternative energy sector will be at the center of these programs so we can move away from the fossil based system.


The Green New deal will also reform the health care system and make them free. Same for the higher education. And this can be financed by reducing greatly the Defense budget. All these trillions of dollars can better used here, at home, instead of being used for  wars abroad.


The Green Party candidate reminds that she is on the ballot for 85% of Americans, that they had to fight for it. Reminds the students that we have the ability to change things very quickly. The Arabs springs happened in a speed that nobody expected. That could happen here, in the US. "We win the day by reclaiming our voice though political courage."


Q&A Time:

Questions: We are 7 billions people and we all want to consume. How can we avoid environmental crisis?

Answer: What made Jill Stein very hopeful about the future, was a referendum made in Massachusetts about how to redefine development?  70% of people interrogated were in favor of changing the way the system works and shift  the way subsidies are going to big companies to  better, greener small businesses. The debate is often formulated as you can either have jobs or have a better environment. But in reality a great percentage of the general public is concerned about the future and is favorable to a change.


Question about the structural barriers agaisnt third parties. How about working with other third parties to change the rules?

Answer: We have been collaborating with other parties for the ballot access. If  we can break 5%  it would be amazing. We spent 10 month just to get on the ballot. We are just transitioning to a real camping. If we get to 5%,we will have automatic ballot access in the next election as well as a $20 million grant. This will allow us to do a real campaign from the beginning.


Jill Stein has to run to her next speech at San Diego State University so she thanks the assembly for being there, thanks the Environmental Law Society and its President Joseph Yurgil for the invitation and leaves after a big round of applause.

That is it for today. Thank you for following.

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