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Social Slipup: When Re-Tweeting Goes Wrong

by Jane Susskind, published

With a focus on social media blunders, Twitter gaffes, and Facebook faux pas, we’ll be profiling one politician, political figure, organization, or candidate who has committed one of the social media sins in our weekly series Social Slipups. 

Last night, President Barack Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention, presenting his case for re-election. He set records, becoming the most "tweeted" political figure on the social network Twitter, driving 52,757 tweets per minute during his speech. The Democratic National Convention as a whole sparked over 9 million tweets with the hashtag #DNC2012.

Among the vast amount of tweets sent over the course of the three day convention, there had to be some social slipups, right? It caught ABC News' Sr White House Correspondent Jake Tapper's eye when Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, retweeted this:

To which Tapper responded:

A note to re-tweeters everywhere: Make sure to fully read a tweet before retweeting, because chances are the author of that tweet will see you, find you, and publicly humiliate you.

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