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The 10 Things That are Missing From the Democratic Platform

by Lucas Eaves, published

The Democratic 2012 Platform was released on Monday and some commentators have already highlighted that two noticeable words were absent: GOD and Jerusalem. Are there other things missing from the Democratic platform?

As a french observer, here are the 10 things that I think are missing from the Platform and whose absence has not been discussed by the mainstream media.

The Democratic platform should have  mentioned:

- We the People Built This.

- The United States in the best hope for mankind.

- Capitalism is American. Everything else is European socialism.

- Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves a lot.

- America is exceptional and deserves beatification.

- That the "Invisible President" have the right to an invisible White House and invisible Air Force One.

- The  unalienable right to life on Wall Street shall not be infringed.

- That online gun sales should be deregulated in order to help save the US Postal.

- That biological differences between men and women should be abolished.

- Freedom of all religions to accept Jesus Christ as our savior.


Do you think there are other important words that are missing from the 2012 Democratic Platform?

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