The 10 Things That are Missing From the Democratic Platform

The Democratic 2012 Platform was released on Monday and some commentators have already highlighted that two noticeable words were absent: GOD and Jerusalem. Are there other things missing from the Democratic platform?

As a french observer, here are the 10 things that I think are missing from the Platform and whose absence has not been discussed by the mainstream media.

The Democratic platform should have  mentioned:

– We the People Built This.

– The United States in the best hope for mankind.

– Capitalism is American. Everything else is European socialism.

– Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves a lot.

– America is exceptional and deserves beatification.

– That the “Invisible President” have the right to an invisible White House and invisible Air Force One.

– The  unalienable right to life on Wall Street shall not be infringed.

– That online gun sales should be deregulated in order to help save the US Postal.

– That biological differences between men and women should be abolished.

– Freedom of all religions to accept Jesus Christ as our savior.


Do you think there are other important words that are missing from the 2012 Democratic Platform?