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Michelle Obama Drives #DNC2012 Tweets on Day 1

by Jane Susskind, published

As reported on Twitter's official blog, the Democratic Convention is on it's way to out-tweeting last week's RNC, quickly approaching the 4 million mark set on Twitter by the Republican National Convention. Tweets with the hashtag #DNC2012 reached 3 million last night, compared to the 4 million tweets sent throughout the entirety of the Republican's three day convention in Tampa, tagged #RNC2012.

Most notably, last night's speech by Michelle Obama prompted the most conversation on the social network, peaking at 28,003 tweets per minute (TPM). That's almost twice as many as recorded during Mitt Romney's acceptance speech on Thursday. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro also drove in tweets, with 11,503 tweets per minute during the peak of his speech. With the exception of Mitt Romney, that's more than any speaker at the Republican National Convention.

Some of last night's tweets include:

Why is the Democratic Convention receiving amplified attention on Twitter? Is it because of the speakers, political affiliation, location, timing, or are other factors involved? 

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