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Unsolicited Press Advice for President Obama

by Kymberly Bays, published


There seems to be a large quantity of news and commentary out in the past few days highlighting all the things President Obama must do. This is timed just as the Democratic Party takes center stage this week at their national convention. If the President should heed the advice of anyone, surely it is the political media with their approval rating fluctuating at or below that of Congress. It seems that if the political media are unhappy, they have resolved to torture the rest of us with this less-than-earnest advice for President Obama.

Here is a collection of some of the best headlines from today alone telling the President what he should do.

John King: To win, Obama must make history again - CNN

6 things Obama must do at the Democratic National Convention - Christian Science Monitor

Obama must justify himself - EuroNews

President Obama must use convention to draw sharp policy differences with Republicans - Boston Globe

Obama and Democratic National Convention must clarify on Iran - Christian Science Monitor

Obama Must Remake Persona for Any 2nd Term - Bloomberg

Why Barack Needs Bill - Newsweek

Real Obama Must Fight the GOP Myths - The Daily Beast

President Has One Job to Save: His Own - New York Daily News

This Week, Obama Must Fight Back - Los Angeles Times

Obama Must Answer Tough Questions to Win New Term - Pittsburgh PG

Five Things Obama Must Do in Charlotte - Businessweek

What Obama must do to win re-election - San Francisco Chronicle

Now Obama must build the case for government - Financial Times

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