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Secret Service Code Names for Campaign 2012

by Kymberly Bays, published


GQ is reporting today the Secret Service code names for Paul Ryan and wife Janna Ryan. They join a list of other known Secret Service code names, as "the Service has said in the past that the publication of code names does not risk the security of its protectees because all radio communication is now encrypted", GQ says.

Who do you think has the best Secret Service code name? What would you choose to use when assigning the 2012 candidates their Secret Service monikers?

Paul Ryan: "Bowhunter"

Janna Ryan: "Buttercup"

Mitt Romney: "Javelin"

Ann Romney: (unknown)

Barack Obama: "Renegade"

Michelle Obama: "Renaissance"

Malia & Sasha Obama: "Radiance and Rosebud"

Vice President Joe Biden: "Celtic"

Rick Santorum: "Petrus"

Sen. John McCain (2008): "Phoenix"

Sarah Palin (2008): "Denali"
Check out more Secret Service call (code) names throughout history here.

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