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InvisibleObama Twitter Goes Viral

by Amanda Le, published
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The world of social media rejoiced when the RNC broadcasted Clint Eastwood's unfortunate exchange with a chair. The skit was supposed to be in support of Romney and the GOP, but the reaction has generally not been favorable. The fact that this occurred just minutes before Romney's acceptance speech did not help. Reminiscent of "planking," the action of "Eastwooding" has become popular with people taking pictures of chairs in various comical ways. In short time, the hashtag "#eastwooding" was trending on Twitter, with thousands of people posting about or doing the new fad.

The rise of a Twitter account called InvisibleObama has had exponential jumps in Twitter followers. In just the first few minutes of its creation, it gained 4,200 retweets. Within the one day mark of its creation, it received well over 50,000 followers. As of today, it has over 68,000 followers. After a brief removal from Twitter at around 9am last week where the account was "temporarily suspended," the satirical Twitter account InvisibleObama returned back to the site. After this brief stint, the Twitter account continues to face account issues, yet it's tweets are still going strong.

Are you looking forward to the possible internet memes that could arrise from the Democratic National Convention? 

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