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RNC Day 2 Drives More Tweets than 2008 Conventions Combined

by Jane Susskind, published

Rep. Paul Ryan made waves on Twitter last night, causing an outburst of tweets relating to the GOP convention upon accepting his Vice Presidential nomination, prompting more tweets than were sent during the entirety of both the Republican and Democratic conventions of 2008. Granted, the social network was novel back then, but peaking at 6,669 tweets per minute, Ryan drove more tweets than any speaker thus far.

In a blog post, Twitter shares:

 In fact, Tweets about the #GOP2012 convention topped two million as Ryan took the stage—six times the Tweets sent about the 2008 conventions combined.

What appealed to viewers at home? There's a graph for that, thanks to Google Politics & Election:

Do you think Mitt Romney's speech tonight will top Paul Ryan's buzz on Twitter? Stay tuned for updates on Romney's Twitter stats on the Social Ballot.


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